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Black Woman Strapped To Chair, Beaten & Pepper Sprayed Over Traffic...

AFRICANGLOBE - A deeply disturbing video has been released from a surveillance camera inside Cuyahoga County jail of multiple officers strapping a Black woman to a restraint chair before hitting her and then covering her face in pepper spray foam. The nature of the video were so horrifying that the officers involved have all been charged with crimes.

White Supremacist Who Murdered Two People At A Kroger Store Will...

AFRICANGLOBE - The man who viciously murdered two Black shoppers at a Louisville, Kentucky, Kroger grocery store last fall has been ruled incompetent to stand trial. In a ruling last Thursday, Jefferson Circuit Judge Annie O’Connell found that Gregory A. Bush is not currently competent to stand trial. Moments before Bush allegedly targeted shoppers at Kroger, he attempted to enter a predominantly Black church.