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Here’s One Reason Why So Many Professional Athletes Go Broke

AFRICANGLOBE - The story of a professional athlete going broke soon after their playing days are over – or sometimes even during their careers – is nothing new. In fact, a recent Sports Illustrated article suggested 78 percent of NFL athletes are either completely broke or under financial stress within two years of retirement. Think about that for a minute; statistically speaking, only one of your five favorite players won't go broke.

White America’s Hateful Obsession With Targeting Black Fathers

AFRICANGLOBE - Every American should be celebrating that LeBron and Stephen are making fatherhood cool. James has talked at length in multiple venues about the joys of being of father and the pain of being fatherless. Stephen Curry has also let the world know how he is a proud father. But in our country, it’s more socially and politically convenient to continue to berate and belittle Black men as a whole for not being there for our children this is ignored