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Construction of South Sudan Pipeline to Begin This Year

AFRICANGLOBE - Construction of a pipeline to carry South Sudan's crude oil from oil fields in the landlocked country to an export terminal is set to begin later this year, according to the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining. This was announced during a briefing by the Petroleum and Mining Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau and senior executives from his ministry held for top officials of the ruling SPLM General Secretariat on Saturday to enlighten them about the status of the country's oil industry.

South Sudan: Nation Oiling Up for Self-Reliance

AFRICANGLOBE - As South Sudan continues negotiations with Sudan regarding the resumption of oil production and transit, the South Sudanese government says that it is developing its own industry and will start producing fuel for domestic consumption within the next eight months in order to avoid continued reliance on its neighbour.

South Sudan: Resumption of Oil Production Could Take a Year

South Sudan hopes to resume oil production through neighbouring Sudan after taking its unilateral decision to shut down oil production in January, accusing Khartoum...

South Sudan to Export Oil By Truck Temporarily

As South Sudan's oil dispute with Sudan continues Juba announced on Wednesday that it plans to start exporting oil using trucks to transport its...

South Sudan Warns Oil Companies Over Illegal Deals With the North

South Sudan warned all foreign oil companies, the oil consortia and pipeline operators in the country not to cooperate with Sudan on crude oil-related matters, unless authorized. The directive was contained in a press release issued by the South Sudan's petroleum and mining ministry following reports of north Sudan's apparent intention to confiscate 23% of the south's entitlement oil allegedly as payment in kind for pipeline and transit fees.