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Now, Injectable Contraceptives Linked To HIV Risk

AFRICANGLOBE - Women who use injectable contraceptives have an increased risk of becoming infected with HIV, according to a new study. The scientists say that the hormones in Depo-Provera may cause changes in the vaginal wall, alter bacteria found in the vagina, or influence a woman’s immune response — any of which could increase risk of HIV.

Nashville Prosecutors Have Made Sterilization Of Women Part Of Plea Deals

AFRICANGLOBE - Nashville’s district attorney recently banned his staff from using invasive surgery as a bargaining chip, after it became apparent that local attorneys had been using sterilization as part of plea bargains.

Virginia To Compensate Victims Of Forced Sterilizations

AFRICANGLOBE - Eugenics is the now-discredited white supremacist movement that sought to improve the genetic composition of "humankind" by preventing those considered "defective" from reproducing. Virginia's Sterilization Act became a model for similar legislation passed around the country and the world, including Nazi Germany.

California Governor Signs SB 1135, Prison Anti-Sterilization Bill

AFRICANGLOBE - The discovery that upwards of 100 illegal sterilizations of pregnant women imprisoned at Valley State Prison for Women and California Institution for Women between 2006 and 2010 spurred lawmakers into action. A report by the Center for Investigative Reporting released last year revealed that at least 250 such sterilizations may have occurred since the late 1990s

Sterilization In State Prisons: California’s Long Eugenics Program

AFRICANGLOBE - The recent revelation that female prisoners in California institutions were sterilized between 2006 and 2010 is another example of the state's long history of the ongoing legacy of eugenics. The abuse took place in violation of state and federal laws, and with startling disregard for patient autonomy and established protocols of informed consent.

North Carolina Denies Compensation to Black Women Illegally Sterilized

The North Carolina Senate rejected a plan to compensate victims of a mass sterilization plan that targeted mostly poor minorities for decades in the...