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Commemorating Steve Biko And His Fight Against Apartheid

AFRICANGLOBE - Many would regard Steve Biko as a martyr in the anti-apartheid cause. But the pathway of the martyr after death tends to be the work of others, they who serve a posthumous name or worship at the altar of a legacy. Biko’s contribution was primarily the notion of Black Consciousness, which he considered “an attitude of the mind and a way of life, the most positive call to emanate from the Black world for a long time.”

Why Biko’s Black Consciousness Philosophy Resonates With South African Youth Today

AFRICANGLOBE - Black youth are grappling with the question of the meaning of freedom in post-apartheid South Africa. They seek an antidote to their reality wherein blackness continues to be mocked and marginalised.

Freeing African Minds

AFRICANGLOBE - While Madonna is being re-embraced by Malawi, Steve Biko is being forgotten in South Africa. These events point to a long trend in Africa’s way of thinking that desperately needs to be reversed if the continent is to escape its subservient role in the global system.

Remembering Steve Biko, Through His Own Words

AFRICANGLOBE - Steve Biko once wrote, "I write what I like." The founder of South Africa's Black Consciousness Movement, he was also one of the students that launched the South African Students' Organisation (SASO); Biko belonged to a generation that resisted apartheid, in any manner that they could.

Steve Biko: A Life Too Short

AFRICANGLOBE - Bantu Steven Biko would have been 67-years-old on December 18,2013. But he died at the hands of the White apartheid security police at the age of 31. He was held naked and manacled at the Walmer police station in Port Elizabeth. On the morning of 6 September he was taken to the security police offices in the Sanlam Building and interrogated until 6pm, when he was again handcuffed and shackled.

Namibia Pays Tribute To Steve Biko

The Pan Afrikan Centre of Namibia (Pacon) has bestowed one of its highest awards on South African Black revolutionist Steve Biko, posthumously in recognition...