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Steve Harvey Launches Dating Website To Help Women ‘Become More Dateable’

AFRICANGLOBE - Following the success of Steve Harvey’s dating advice books, the media mogul has decided to partner with IAC, the company that owns Match.com, OkCupid and Tinder, to bring you a new dating site called Delightful.com.

10 Ways In Which Women Need To Get Their Acts Together

AFRICANGLOBE - It seems to me that there is a decent-sized market for men who position themselves as experts on dating and other gendered phenomena, and whose expertise is primarily aimed at and consumed by women.

Questioning Steve Harvey’s Advice On Having Sex

AFRICANGLOBE - Entertainer, TV host and comedian Steve Harvey has gotten a lot of publicity about "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" his book about relationships. One of the things Harvey discusses is his idea that it would be good for women to wait 90 days before having sex when they meet a man worthy of their interest and attention.

Black Women, “Think Like A What?”

In my humble opinion, women don’t need to think like men. Just BE and think like the WOMAN you ARE. The LAST thing a man wants is a woman thinking like him. Anytime you are confused about what you are or how you should think….just look down. tadaaa! There’s your answer!