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British Retail Chain Sainsbury’s Show Customers ‘How To Dress Like A...

AFRICANGLOBE - British retail giant Sainsbury’s has come under fire after a local store showed shoppers how to dress like a slave. The branch embellished its DVD and Blu-ray display for Steve McQueen’s Oscar-Winning drama 12 Years A Slave with a mannequin dressed in a similar outfit to that of the main character Solomon Northup.

The Black Holocaust: Will America Re-Examine Its Shame?

AFRICANGLOBE - In the United States, the Holocaust is taught justly and indisputably in both public and private schools. Its memorialization has been well integrated into the American psyche, exemplifying the American appetite for justice and understanding.

Slavery Is Having A Hollywood Moment. What About The Rest Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - In the absence of popular films about other aspects of Black history, a steady diet of movies about slavery could reduce the larger subject—the long-term oppression and resistance of Black Americans—to its most horrendous era. Such an unbalanced focus threatens to present slavery as the central drama of African-American history.