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Angola At Peace Is One Of Africa’s Top Defense Spender

AFRICANGLOBE - Angola spent more on its military last year than any other equatorial African nation even though it’s been at peace since a civil war ended more than a decade ago.

Recent Nigerian Military Acquisitions

AFRICANGLOBE - Over the last couple of years, Nigeria has received armoured vehicles, small arms, combat aircraft and large and small naval vessels, among other items, from mostly Asian and Eastern European suppliers. It has also domestically manufactured and assembled small arms and armoured vehicles and refurbished and upgraded aircraft with foreign assistance.

Africa’s Importation Of Heavy Weaponry Grew By 45% Over The Last...

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries collectively spent an estimated $44.9 billion on defence. Over two-thirds of the African countries for which data is available increased military spending in 2013. Algeria became the first country in Africa with military spending over $10 billion, an increase of 8.8 percent since 2012, and of 176 percent since 2004.

African Armies Are On A Spending Spree

AFRICANGLOBE - Last year military spending in Africa grew by 8.3%, faster than in other parts of the world. Two out of three African countries have substantially increased military spending over the past decade; the continent as a whole raised military expenditure by 65%, after it had stagnated for the previous 15 years.

Is Uganda Building East Africa’s Strongest Army?

Uganda's expenditure on arms surpassed Kenya's for the first in 2011, a new global arms expert report shows. Uganda spent US$1.02 billion; about double...

Kenya Joins Uganda in Arms Shopping Spree

Kenya's use in Somalia of attack helicopters from China, fighter jets from Jordan and armoured vehicles from Israel is evidence that the country has been upgrading its military capabilities in response to new threats. The latest report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), analysing arms deals by African countries said that Operation Linda Nchi illustrates "the importance of arms imports for facilitating military responses to threats to security."