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Video of Donald Taylor Brentwood Police-Involved Shooting

Dramatic surveillance video released Tuesday appears to show a Prince George's County officer striking Donald Taylor with his gun during an incident in Brentwood,...

Australia Erupts in Race Row Over Sale of Racist Dolls

A race row has erupted in Australia over sale of golliwog dolls in Queensland tourist shops. The racists dolls, which depict Black people in a...

South Africa’s Middle Class a New Target for Retailers

A rainbow nation of shoppers poured through the racks of fashion giant Zara's brand new store, its first in South Africa, where the Spanish chain hopes to tap an increasingly diverse middle class. With deliveries from Spain twice a week, the low-price retailer opened the store in November in a posh shopping mall in South Africa's commercial hub, Johannesburg, where officials are already smiling over the response.

Former NFL Star Shot Dead by Police in California

Former Cincinnati Bengals running back David 'Deacon' Turner was shot dead after a confrontation with police outside a convenience store. Deputies were called to the...