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Cameroon: Albinos Struggle For Love And Acceptance

AFRICANGLOBE - Because they are "Whites" born of Black parents, albinos face discrimination every day and struggle to find love. Every Sunday, a dozen albinos get together to sing in a neighbourhood of Yaoundé, Cameroon's capital. For them, singing is a form of therapy that helps them cope with the stigma they face.

Do Black People Really Love Themselves?

We don’t act like we do. Want proof? We have some of the highest rates in divorce, abortions, fathers not taking care of their...

Who Was Meles Zenawi?

Meles Zenawi and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)-led Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) came to power in 1991 after a 16-year armed...

Today's Struggle is About Development – Kagame

President Paul Kagame, yesterday, said that while 17 years after the Liberation war, the Rwandan people enjoy, peace, unity and reconciliation, the struggle continues. However, the President added that new frontline does not involve arms, but actions that lead to development.

The Life Of Albertina Sisulu

AFRICANGLOBE - Albertina Sisulu, who died in Johannesburg on Thursday at the age of 92, had little interest in politics when she met Walter Sisulu, future general secretary of the ANC. But she plunged wholeheartedly into the liberation struggle and emerged from years of detention, bannings and arrests as a major political figure in her own right.