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147 Students Killed In Cold-Blooded Raid On Kenyan University

AFRICANGLOBE - One hundred and forty seven students were killed and 79 injured after Al-Shabaab terrorists shot their way into Garissa University College at dawn on Thursday and opened fire on them.

Three Nigerian Students Create Multi-Million Dollar Job Site

AFRICANGLOBE - While most students see a teacher strike as a chance to miss lectures, three Nigerian students have shown that a little hard work and a clear vision can lead to a multi-million dollar company that helps over 35,000 people find jobs.

Nigerian Students Kidnapped In Ukraine

AFRICANGLOBE - Nine Nigerian students have been kidnapped in the Ukrainian city of Lugansk, according to a statement by the representative of the National Security and Defence Council Information Centre, Andrey Lysenko. The statement added that the students are being held in a seized building of the SBU.

Successful Black Men Tell Black Students They Can Make It Too

AFRICANGLOBE - "It hurts when you fail, but it hurts more when you don't try," said professional mixed-martial artist Lumumba Sayers, 35. A group of successful Black men who know all too well the obstacles they faced on the way up are sharing a message of hope with students who look like them: We made it, and you can, too.

Black Students At University Of Texas Attacked By Epidemic Of ‘Bleach...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Wednesday, University of Texas student Bryan Davis, who is African American, was struck by a bleach-filled balloon (bleach bombs) while he was walking to visit a friend in a neighborhood populated by UT students.