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Mali Crisis, Al-Qaeda Driving ‘Arc of Instability’ Across Africa – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - Two new studies report that "the growing role of al-Qaeda across northern Africa," fueled by the Mali crisis and Libyan arms influx, is creating an 'Arc of Instability' across Africa's Sahel that poses an "acute threat" to countries in the region and to Europe and the US.

African American Women Exercise Less Because of Their Hair

A number of obstacles may stand between a person and exercise, and hairstyles may be one of them for African-American women, according to a new study. Researchers found about two of every five African-American women said they avoid exercise because of concerns about their hair, and researchers say that is concerning given the United States' obesity epidemic.

Study Finds Most Pork Products Contaminated

A sample of raw pork products from supermarkets around the United States found that yersinia enterocolitica, a lesser-known food-borne pathogen, was present in 69...

New Study: Most Women Don’t Marry Their Best Sex Partner

AFRICANGLOBE - This goes against the premise of every single romance novel, but you’re not going to marry the best sex of your life....

One in Three Children Will Be Born in Africa by 2050:...

AFRICANGLOBE - Shifting population trends mean that one in three children born by 2050 will be African, the UN Children’s Fund says. UNICEF’s new study...

Exploring Africa’s Genetic History: The Khoe-San

Genetically, culturally and ethically the Khoe-San have something special to add to this world. The importance of this study is to put the Khoe...

Study: Smoking Marijuana Makes You Dumber

For years, regular marijuana users have dismissed cautionary warnings that the habit killed brain cells, believing it was some kind of urban myth. Well,...

Study: Voter ID Law Disproportionately Hurts African-Americans

The controversial Pennsylvania law requiring residents to have valid photo ID in order to vote would disproportionately disenfranchise African-American and Latino voters in Philadelphia,...

Study: Mothers Have Big Influence Over Daughters’ Views of Sexuality

Even for little girls who consume excessive amounts of television, their mothers are a strong predictor of whether the girl will regard herself as...

Voter ID Law Support Linked To Attitudes About African Americans, Study...

A new study has found that support for voter ID laws, especially among those who lean Democratic, is linked to one's feelings toward African...

Black Women, the Most Religious Group in the U.S. – Study

Despite the sound and fury of the White male evangelical right-wing, Black women are the religious stalwarts of America. Period. A nationwide Washington Post and...

Ethiopia Commissions Big Power Transmission Lines Study

New high-voltage power transmission lines will have to be constructed in Ethiopia to transport electricity from emerging power-generation projects, with the existing network unable...

Study: Children of Immigrants Are America's New Science Superstars

It is also unsurprising that a wave of young Black people born of Caribbean, African and South American immigrant parents are applying to and being accepted by the nation’s best colleges and universities.

Economic Study Will Determin Gains From Jamaica's Tourism Industry

On Wednesday, Edmund Bartlett, Minister of tourism, signed the contract for the study, with Sunil Sinha, managing director of management consultancy firm Nathan EME Limited at Devon House in Kingston.