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Can You Start A Successful Business With Just $10? This Man...

AFRICANGLOBE - Ten dollars -- that's all that Rwandan science teacher Cephas Nshimyumuremyi had to start his business with two years ago. It may sound less than promising, but Nshimyumuremyi made that initial initial investment go a long way. Today, his company Uburanga Products, which makes herbal jelly and soap from local medicinal plants, is worth $30,000 and employs 12 workers.

Habits You Need To Be Successful In Business

AFRICANGLOBE - Success in business doesn’t just happen; it’s not a game of chance or luck, neither is it an overnight thing. The most successful business men in the world would always advice growing entrepreneurs and businesses against the thought of being an overnight success, and to instead follow a gradual process in making the most of their businesses. Part of this ‘gradual process’ is certain habits bound to make you a success.

10 Reasons Why 2015 Is The Year To Start Your Business

AFRICANGLOBE - With everyone making their New Year's resolutions, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that January is the best sales month for gym and weight-loss product companies. But instead of worrying about your belt size, why not resolve to make 2015 the year you start your successful business?