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Sudan’s Quarter Century Under Genocidal Dictator Omar al-Bashir

AFRICANGLOBE - Khartoum, Sudan goes to the polls Monday in sham presidential and parliamentary elections widely expected to return dictator Omar al-Bashir to power for another five years. The mainstream opposition is boycotting the vote, in which more than a dozen little-known candidates are standing against the incumbent, who has been at the helm for a quarter century.

Sudan Joins Saudi Military Offensive Against Rebels In Yemen

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese officials confirmed today that Sudan joined the military operation led by Saudi Arabia on the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have been in control of the capital Sanaa since September 2014. Sudan will provide ground troops and fighter jets, Abdelrahim Hussein, the Minister of Defence, said at a press conference in Khartoum today.

Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan Agree On Nile Dam

AFRICANGLOBE - Foreign ministers of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have signed a declaration of principles on a multi-billion-dollar hydroelectric Ethiopian dam on the Nile. "Consensus has been reached on a joint declaration of principles to cooperate and benefit from the eastern Nile basin and the Renaissance dam," Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti told a press conference late Thursday night.

Ugandan Military Deny Buildup Along Sudan Border

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandan troops based in South Sudan are not massing along the Sudan border, Ugandan military officials said on Tuesday, after Sudan's state news agency reported 16,000 Ugandan soldiers were due to arrive near the frontier.

Sudan Unveils Domestically Built Weapons At IDEX

AFRICANGLOBE - The Military Industry Corporation was established in 1993 to manufacture weapons and equipment for the Sudanese military and is now marketing its products internationally. Products include main battle tanks (based on Chinese designs), small arms, recoilless rifles, mortars, rocket launchers, upgraded armoured vehicles, ammunition, electronics and uniforms.

Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Discuss Nile Dam

AFRICANGLOBE - Officials from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on Wednesday held an unannounced meeting to discuss a multibillion-dollar dam being built by Addis Ababa on the Nile River. The tripartite meeting was held behind closed doors amid a total media blackout.

Sudan To Hold Poll In Region Falsely Claimed By Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - A senior Sudanese ruling party official said Wednesday that the government planned to hold April general elections in a region in the country's northeast also claimed by Egypt – but only in the part of the region controlled by Sudan.

Sudan: Rebels Claim Victory In South Kordofan

AFRICANGLOBE - The rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) said on Tuesday it inflicted a big defeat on the Sudanese army in an attack on Dalouka area, 8 km south of South Kordofan state capital, Kadougli.

Sudan Govt Forces Accused Of Gang Rape In Blue Nile State

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese government forces are gang raping teenage girls and women in government-held areas of Blue Nile state in a pattern of terror against civilians, a rights group said on Monday. "Entire communities are trapped in camp-like conditions behind government lines, terrorised by government forces," said Daniel Bekele.

ICC Shelves Darfur Case For Lack Of UN Support

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Criminal Court's prosecutor said on Friday that she had shelved an investigation into war crimes in Sudan's Darfur region for lack of action by the United Nations Security Council to push for arrests.

Sudanese Political And Armed Opposition Agree To Unified Front

AFRICANGLOBE - A spectrum of Sudanese political and armed opposition groups put aside differences to sign a unity agreement Wednesday night that they hope will strengthen a group's hand in talks with the regime in two days.

Sudan Decries SPLM-N Meeting With Israelis

AFRICANGLOBE - A senior Sudanese official on Wednesday denounced a reported meeting between a delegation of Israeli aid "activists" and members from the rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N). Ibrahim Ghandour, an assistant of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, accused Israel of backing the Sudanese opposition and working to destabilize Sudan.

Joseph Kony In Sudan-Controlled Enclave – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - A new report says it has fresh evidence that Joseph Kony, the fugitive war crimes suspect wanted by the International Criminal Court, has sought haven in an enclave controlled by Sudan.

Sudan: Mass Rape Of 200 Girls In Darfur

AFRICANGLOBE - More than 200 women and girls were collectively raped in their village on Friday evening, reportedly by Sudanese soldiers belonging to a military garrison south of El Fasher in North Darfur. 80 of the victims were schoolgirls, 105 were unmarried girls. The other victims were married women.

A Delicate Dance Of History And Modernity In Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - The Sudan National Museum is crammed with treasures: “moving documents of the very dawn of human civilisation” and “astonishing pieces of the highest artistic value”. Many of the antiquities – including entire temples that now stand in the grounds – were rescued from sites that were flooded when the Aswan Dam was constructed in the 1960s. The museum opened in 1971.

Five Years Of Impunity: The Man Behind The Darfur Genocide Remains...

AFRICANGLOBE - President Bashir stands accused of the world’s most heinous crimes—genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Bashir orchestrated the genocide in Darfur, which began more than 11 years ago when the Sudanese Armed Forces and its allied Janjaweed Arab militias launched a scorched earth campaign against the civilian population. Since 2003, over 3 million people have been displaced and many are still unable to return to their homes.