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Rebels Launch Fresh Attacks On Sudanese Army in South Kordofan

AFRICANGLOBE - The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) attacked Sudanese military convoy outside Dalang or Dilling the second important town in South Kordofan, saying they inflected heavy loses on the army.

South Sudan Formally Accepts Abyei Administration

South Sudan said on Sunday it has sent official notification to the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) declaring its acceptance of the...

Sudanese Army and SPLM Rebels Clash in South Kordofan

Sudanese troops and Sudan People's Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) rebels clashed last Wednesday in South Kordofan village of El-Fragil west of Dilling. Due to the...

South Sudan Demands Withdrawal of Sudanese Army From Abyei

South Sudan said Tuesday that it would not accept Sudan placing conditions on its withdrawal from the contested region of Abyei, or any action...

Sudanese Army Escalates Its Attacks On Refugee Camps In South Kordofan

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese army attempted to control a village in the troubled South Kordofan state near the border leading to a refugee camp in the Unity state of South Sudan, an independent team of local and foreign journalists reported.

China in Africa – the Blowback Begins

If this isn't a sign of how far the USA has fallen, I don't know what is. Twenty years ago it would have been American workers targeted by rebel groups. But the times they are a-changing, and two kidnappings in the last week suggest China's increasingly dominant role in the world - and especially Africa - is being recognised. And not in a good way.

Arab North Prepares to Attack SPLM-N's in Blue Nile State

Washington-based Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) said today that the Sudanese army massing heavily equipped troops to attack rebel positions in Blue Nile state.