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Zimbabwe: New Constitution, Fresh Elections, Parties in Disarray

AFRICANGLOBE - Two key dates loom in Zimbabwe's political calendar in the first half of 2013: a referendum on the tortuously negotiated new constitution and then national elections for the presidency and the parliament.

Zimbabwe Election: President Mugabe Will Win in 2013, Here is Why

AFRICANGLOBE - Facts are inconvenient things. More than that, they are stubborn. Sadly, the interpreters of fact – humans – are not nearly as...

Britain and America Target DR Congo – A Must Red Article

AFRICANGLOBE - What is happening in eastern DR Congo is not a civil war, but continuation of a 16-year aggression by the country's two...

M23 Rebels Commanded by Rwanda’s Defense Minister – UN Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The escalation of conflict in Congo by M23 rebels may signal a panic by Rwanda over its failed bid to get the United...

Haiti: Growing Resistance To Michel Martelly’s Government

AFRICANGLOBE - Haitian President Michel Martelly has managed to inspire popular opposition to his government almost since his election in May 2011. Martelly, who came to office in a grossly unrepresentative process which excluded Lavalas, the country’s most popular party, has been closely linked with figures around former dictator Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier.

Oppenheimer Family Investing In South African Tech Start-Ups

AFRICANGLOBE - E. Oppenheimer & Son has become an investor in South African venture capital company 4Di Capital, in a move that sees the...

Cornel West Calls Al Sharpton, Harris-Perry Sellouts

The war of words between Cornel West and the pro-Obama Black activists has heated up once again after West criticize President Obama, MSNBC anchors...

What Black America Needs to Do After US Election Day

With so much focus on the US election day results, it is understandably hard for Black people to think about the day after. But...

Land Reform in South Africa – an Unfulfilled Obligation

The question of land and agricultural reform in South Africa remains largely unresolved as we head towards the end of our second decade of...

McCain Criticizes Powell’s for Endorsing Obama

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has grown increasingly outspoken as Election Day draws closer, criticizing former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s support of President Barack...

Irony: President Obama Turns to African-Americans as Election Race Tightens

African-Americans threw their support behind Barack Obama in record numbers to help send him to the White House in 2008, but four years of difficult economic times...

Zuma Second Term ‘Will Erode ANC Majority’

Jacob Zuma looks set to secure a second term as ANC president. This will likely erode ANC support and drive further unrest. Ahead of the...

Why Blacks Voters Reject Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's strong debate performance and his apology for his callous remarks deriding 47% of the American public appear to be moving his poll...

Development Bank Approves Billions for Infrastructure in Southern Africa

The Development Bank of Southern Africa approved R27.5-billion for infrastructure projects, 86% of which are in South Africa, during 2011/12, the bank said on...

West African Leaders Finalize Blueprint for Intervention in Mali

The West African Economic Community (ECOWAS) and the government of Mali have agreed on the conditions of a military operation in northern Mali. On...


The above photograph comes with a sad story. I got the photo from Althea Francois before she died. In 1970, a garment and uniform...