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Supreme Court Troubled By Case Of Black Man Prosecuted Six Times

AFRICANGLOBE - The US Supreme Court appeared vexed on Wednesday by the case of a Black man who was tried six separate times for the same crime in a process tainted by charges of racism. Associate Justice Samuel Alito, one of the five conservative justices on the nine-member bench, said he found aspects of the case of death row inmate Curtis Flowers "troubling."

The Supreme Court Just Cited The Black Codes In Ruling Against...

AFRICANGLOBE - Kevin Thompson, a Black teenager, was unlawfully jailed for five days because he couldn’t afford to pay more than $800 to a court that sought to raise revenue for DeKalb County. Black single mothers are jailed for up to 57 days and separated from their children because they cannot pay exorbitant fines to the courts of Lexington County. Hundreds of thousands of people, disproportionately Black, are harmed by North Carolina’s revocation of driver’s licenses simply for inability to pay court debt.

Applying Racial Bias During Jury Selection Is An American Tradition

AFRICANGLOBE - “The assertion that there is no substantial differential racial impact in jury selection, however well intended, has been largely discredited by research and diminished by detached observation,” said Dr. Lorenzo Morris, a professor of Political Science at Howard University. “Still,” he said, “the probable remedies are not easy to implement.”

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action In College Admissions

AFRICANGLOBE - The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the practice of considering race in college admissions, rejecting a white woman's challenge to a University of Texas affirmative action program designed to boost the enrollment of minority students.

Economic Apartheid In America

AFRICANGLOBE - In a 5-4 ruling, the Court found that the Fair Housing Act of 1968 requires plaintiffs to show only that the effect of a policy is discriminatory, not that defendants intended to discriminate. The decision is important in the fight against economic apartheid in America – racial segregation on a much larger geographic scale than ever before.

Mugabe Mocks U.S. Gay Marriage With Obama Proposal

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, says he will divorce his wife as plans to ask Barack Obama for his hand in marriage following the legalization of gay marriage in the US. The veteran leader made the remarks as he mocked the Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage legal across all 50 American states.

Secret History: How The U.S. Supported And Inspired The Nazis

AFRICANGLOBE - Large American banks – and George W. Bush’s grandfather – financed the Nazis. Hitler and his top henchmen were inspired by Henry Ford’s writings. The American author Lothrop Stoddard was the source of the concept of “under-man (sub-human)” adopted by the Nazis in regards to Jews and communists. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the idea of killing Jews, communists and gypsies in gas chambers originated in the U.S. … not Germany.

White Supremacy’s Gross Symbol: What The ‘Stars And Bars’ Really Represent

AFRICANGLOBE - In the 1940s … that Confederate flag came to represent white supremacy as a form of defense against the beginnings of the civil rights movement. It became the symbol of the Dixiecrat Party in 1948 — which, as you know, seceded from the Democratic Party because of the civil rights plank that Hubert Humphrey got inserted in the Democratic Party’s platform in 1948. I think ever since then it’s become a symbol of white supremacy.

Virginia To Compensate Victims Of Forced Sterilizations

AFRICANGLOBE - Eugenics is the now-discredited white supremacist movement that sought to improve the genetic composition of "humankind" by preventing those considered "defective" from reproducing. Virginia's Sterilization Act became a model for similar legislation passed around the country and the world, including Nazi Germany.

US Supreme Court Decision Broadens Police Powers Of Search And Seizure

AFRICANGLOBE - In a blow to the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that evidence obtained by police under a false reading of the law is never the less admisable in court on the grounds that the officer made a "reasonable mistake."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Speaks Out Against Supreme Court For Forsaking Fight...

AFRICANGLOBE - Although the U.S. Supreme Court was “once a leader in the world” in the battle for racial equality, recent decisions by the high court undermine its role in solving a “real racial problem” in America, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg explained in an interview with The National Law Journal last Wednesday.

A Brief Guide To Cell Phone Use For Protesters

AFRICANGLOBE - If the police ask to see your phone, tell them you do not consent to the search of your device. Again, since the Supreme Court's decision in Riley, there is little question that officers need a warrant to access the contents of your phone.

US Supreme Court Rejects Unlimited Warrantless Cell Phone Searches

AFRICANGLOBE - In a decision involving two cases of police searches of cellular phone contents, the US Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that, as a general rule, individual privacy rights require law enforcement officers to obtain a search warrant before searching through a phone’s “contacts” list or other data, such as photographs or videos.

Everyone Should Know Just How Much The Government Lied To Defend...

AFRICANGLOBE - If you blinked this week, you might have missed the news: two Senators accused the Justice Department of lying about NSA warrantless surveillance to the US supreme court last year, and those falsehoods all but ensured that mass spying on Americans would continue. But hardly anyone seems to care – least of all those who lied and who should have already come forward with the truth.

Supreme Court Delivers Blow To Civil Rights Sixty Years After Brown...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 6-2 decision by the United States Supreme Court on April 23 upheld a 2006 vote in the state of Michigan which placed a ban on affirmative action. The so-called “Michigan Civil Rights Initiative” was in actuality a reversal of the very legal and political principles which guided the movement for equality from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Angry White Men Gone Wild! The Paternalism Of Donald Sterling And...

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s just another episode of “Angry Old White Men Gone Wild,” but the two men’s sins aren’t the same. Hate wasn’t entirely shocking coming from the not-too-sharp Nevada cattleman Cliven Bubdy, but its crude expression was much more disturbing coming from the powerful, wealthy Jew Donald Sterling.