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No U.S. Intent To Engage In Africa Militarily – Susan Rice

AFRICANGLOBE - Susan Rice, President Barack Obama's National Security Adviser, said "contrary to some claims, the United States is not looking to militarize Africa or maintain a permanent military presence,"

Right Wing Hate Forces Susan Rice to Withdraw from Secretary of...

AFRICANGLOBE - UN Ambassador Susan Rice has become another casualty of the nasty dysfunctional street brawl that politics in Washington has become, sending President...

Susan Rice Wins More Political Supporters

AFRICANGLOBE - The public relations campaign over UN Ambassador Susan Rice possibly replacing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State may be taking a turn in Rice’s...

Susan Rice’s Profile Defies Republican Caricatures

AFRICANGLOBE - As UN ambassador Susan Rice is caricatured by Republicans and the media as too blunt and incompetent to be appointed as Secretary...

Fox News Ends Interview After Being Accused of Acting As ‘A...

AFRICANGLOBE - Fox News abruptly ended a Monday interview about the Benghazi attacks after a guest openly accused the network of acting as “a wing...

Senate Democrats Rally Behind Susan Rice Against GOP Opposition

Senate Democrats rallied to U.N.Ambassador Susan Rice's defense as Republicans said they were even more troubled by her account of the deadly attack on...

Attacks on Susan Rice Backfires

AFRICANGLOBE - The drama surrounding the possible nomination of UN Ambassador Susan Rice as President Obama’s Secretary of State is a fascinating test for...

Susan Rice: Republican Hate Rears Itself Again

In an outrageous attack on President Obama’s ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, a delegation of right wing Congressmen are trying to scare the...

Republicans Turn Their Hate Towards Susan Rice

AFRICANGLOBE - President Barack Obama lashed out at senior Republican senators Wednesday over their criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in the aftermath of the deadly...

U.N. Security Council Against The Idea Of A Haitian Army

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti's national police force is the best body for providing security in this poor nation and the government should concentrate on building up the force, a senior U.S. diplomat said on Thursday.