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9 Big Facts About Africa From The UN’s Last-Ever MDG Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The final report form is out, and despite all the headlines, the continent is actually in a good place, ahead of the next big push The United Nations has released its final report on the millennium development goals (MDGs) as it prepares to roll out their successors later this year, terming the anti-poverty effort “the most successful in history”.

Ebola, Human Rights And Poverty – Making The Connection

AFRICANGLOBE - The unimaginable suffering we are witnessing is in no way simply an inevitable result of the “natural” pathophysiology or epidemiology of the disease. It is not a coincidence that, in addition to the legacy of colonial exploitation, and pillaging by their own corrupt and unaccountable governments in recent history, Liberia and Sierra Leone are two countries that have been ravaged by brutal civil wars.