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Pentecostalism In Africa: Of Prophets And Profits

AFRICANGLOBE - Pentecostal churches are booming in Nigeria, indeed across much of Africa. You can hear the Synagogue Church of All Nations long before you see it. The hymns sung by its 15 000 worshippers, their arms upraised, echo through the streets of Lagos. Devotees come from far and wide every Sunday to hear, and be healed by, the man they call the Prophet, Temitope Balogun (“T.B.”) Joshua.

Church Claims They Can ‘Heal’ HIV

At least six people have reportedly died in Britain after being told they had been healed of HIV and should stop taking treatment. According to a report by Sky News, it has been shown that some evangelical churches in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow are claiming to be able to cure the life threatening disease through the power of faith.