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Geopolitical Dimension Of White Supremacy And The State

AFRICANGLOBE - US foreign and domestic policy both serve the same corporate master, whose primary pursuit is profits. “The same trillion dollar military apparatus that Washington utilises against Syria also militarises the police to occupy the streets of Ferguson, Baltimore, and Black cities all over the US.”

Egyptian Army Massing For Invasion Of Eastern Libya?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Middle East is on the brink of its fourth war (after Syria, Iraq and Yemen). Military and intelligence sources report that Egypt is massing large-scale ground and air forces in the Western Desert along the Libyan border, in preparation for a military campaign to capture eastern Libya

The Radical Changes Afoot In Iraq Will Send Shockwaves Across The...

AFRICANGLOBE - The capture of Mosul by Isis means a radical change in the political geography of Iraq and Syria. Moreover, the impact of this event will soon be felt across the Middle East as governments take on board the fact that a Sunni proto-caliphate is spreading across northern Iraq and Syria.

ISIS Is Not The Nicest!

AFRICANGLOBE - ISIS, also known as “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” is a militant group waging war against the legitimate governments of both Iraq and Syria. Any government that refuses to be an international political puppet of Western nations is commonly referred to as a dictatorship.

U.S. Wars In The Middle East: Imperialism And The Battle For...

AFRICANGLOBE - People who think that the West’s interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria are only about oil are mistaken. Broadly speaking, Western interest in the Middle East is becoming increasingly about a commodity more precious than oil, namely water.

Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy: U.S. Aided Iraqi Nerve Attacks Decades Before Outrage...

AFRICANGLOBE - Picture this: an Arab country uses chemical weapons in an indiscriminate manner. The attacks kill and injure at least hundreds of people. No, it’s not Syria in 2013--it’s Iraq in the 1980s, and the U.S. was complicit in the attacks.

Syria: Does Obama Know He Is Fighting On al-Qa’ida’s Side?

Hands up which of you know what happened the last time the Americans took on the Syrian government army? I bet they can’t remember. Well it happened in Lebanon when the US Air Force decided to bomb Syrian missiles in the Bekaa Valley on 4 December 1983.

Obama Planning Two-Day Bombing Campaign Over Syria

AFRICANGLOBE - According to senior administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, Pres. Obama met with his national security team this past weekend and has ordered that a declassified intelligence report showing the rationale for any attack on Syria be released before it occurs.

Pretext for War: Obama Lies About Syrian Chemical Weapons

AFRICANGLOBE - In a statement issued Thursday, the Obama administration has declared that the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad has violated “international norms” by using chemical weapons on multiple occasions over the past year.