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Scientists ‘Cure’ Leukaemia With HIV

AFRICANGLOBE - one of the biggest and most sensational breakthroughs of the year involved Emily Whitehead, a 7-year-old girl, whose acute leukaemia (blood cancer) was effectively "cured" by HIV.

Black Students in Tallahassee Demand ‘Justice for Jordan Davis’

AFRICANGLOBE - Tallahassee, FL - On Dec. 1, just after sunset, Black student organizations from Florida State University (FSU) and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical...

New iPhone App Points the Way to Black-Owned Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - Around The Way, a New York-based company, and Clearly Innovative, a Washington, D.C.-based mobile-app development firm, have launched a mobile app that...

South Africa Becomes Global Leader In Solar Power Generation

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa, Africa largest economy, has become the world leader in solar power generation following Queensland’s withdrawal of a $75 million funding from...

Haiti: Human Security in Danger

AFRICANGLOBE - FIDH and its member organisations in Haiti, the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) and the Ecumenical Center for Human Rights (CEDH),...

Obama Election Has Prompted Explosion of White Male Anger

AFRICANGLOBE - Nov. 6 just may go down as the worst day in American history—at least for a certain segment of American white males. The...

Gambian Students Develop Remote Electric Control Technology

Two Gambian students in Accra polytechnic in Ghana are said to have made a breakthrough in new technology system that enables one to use...

‘You are Castrated Slaves’

Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Rt Rev Howard Gregory has lashed out against successful members of society who live in isolation, saying...

Black Criminalization and Incarceration: A Slow Moving Holocaust

Mariame Kaba was talking to a group of young Black men who were visiting an exhibit last year commemorating the 40th anniversary of the...

Africa Needs New Models for Economic Growth

Africa's liberation movements have dismally failed to deliver on their promises because they were simply unrealistic and unachievable. The liberation movements promised political freedom to...

Transport ‘A Pillar of African Growth’

The African continent needs an efficient transport system to help it achieve its growth and development objectives, says South Africa's Transport Minister Ben Martins. "There...

Understanding the Conflict in Eastern Congo

The neutral force for the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has to be cognizant of the history of the country and north Kivu...

US Elections: 5 Reasons Why Mitt Romney is Bad for the...

On the final night of the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama cautioned the America public about the foreign policy plan Republican candidates Mitt...

New Orleans: Seven Years After Katrina, a Divided City

Seven years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has become a national laboratory for government reforms. But the process through which those experiments have been...

Nigeria Signs Billion Dollar Lagos-Ibadan Rail Contract With Chinese

Nigeria's Minister of Transport, Senator Idris Umar, has said that with the commencement of rail transport between Ibadan, Oyo State capital, and Lagos in...

Nigeria: U.S.$400 Billion of Oil Revenue Stolen

Former World Bank Vice-President for Africa, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, Tuesday said an estimated $400 billion of Nigeria's oil revenue has been stolen or misspent...