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iPads Versus African Made Tablets

AFRICANGLOBE - Tablets, which are light mobile computers, are in vogue. Because they are handy and easy to use, tablets are especially popular with students, businesspeople and professionals. Tech industry analysts say that most Africans cannot afford the up to $700 price tag for an iPad in African capitals although a growing number of those in the middle-class desire high-quality tablets.

Where are Africa’s Gadget Makers?

In my line of work I get to meet a lot of talented developers, entrepreneurs and people who are just plain passionate about technology...

The Cardiopad – an African Invention to Save Lives

A young Cameroonian engineer has built the first fully touch screen medical tablet that could soon save many African lives. He first has to...

Opening Bank Accounts By Mobile 'App' in South Africa

South Africa's Absa Bank has extended its service reach with the launch of an innovative application for Android-based smartphones and tablet devices that allows its sales consultants to open accounts and issue debit cards to new customers in under 10 minutes