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‘Horrific’ Sexual Assaults Hit Tahrir Square

AFRICANGLOBE - Another wave of sexual violence against Egyptian women has taken place in Cairo’s famous Tahrir Square, where at least 91 women were assaulted and, in some cases, raped over four days of protests that began on June 30th, women’s rights groups said.

Coup in Egypt Marks the End of America’s Illusions About Arab...

AFRICANGLOBE - There is one reason why the Obama Administration hasn’t attempted to stop or even condemn the coup in Egypt. Morsi’s removal may well empower forces that are more friendly to the U.S. than the Muslim Brotherhood

Anti-Government Protests Sweep Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - Hundreds of protesters gathered at Tahrir Square on Sunday, chanting against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Mursi. Egyptian flags and banners opposing Mursi's government were seen raised in Tahrir Square while protesters set up a podium for different speakers to chant slogans.

Egypt: Tea and Tear Gas in Tahrir Square

AFRICANGLOBE - After the massive protest in Egypt on Tuesday 27 November, some are even beginning to talk of a second uprising, a "November...

Egyptian Protesters Pour Into Tahrir Square to Protest Against Islamist Decrees

Tens of thousands of Egyptian protesters gathered in the capital and other major cities across the nation Tuesday demanding that Islamist President Mohamed Morsi...

Clashes Erupt in Egypt Between Protesters and Muslim Brotherhood

At least twelve people were injured in fresh clashes between new Islamist President Mohammed Mursi’s supporters and opponents in Cairo’s Tahrir square on Friday. An...

Pro-Revolution Forces in Egypt Plan Tahrir Million-Man March

A million-man march is expected to take place in the famous Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo today. The protest comes in light of popular...

Egyptian Protests Escalate Against Election Results

Demonstrations in anger at the outcome of Egypt's presidential election escalated in Cairo's Tahrir square, Alexandria, Suez and Port Said. In Cairo, thousands marched down...