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The Assassination Of Malcom X: Fifty Years Later, Still Unanswered Questions

AFRICANGLOBE - FBI officials were well aware of the threats made on Malcolm's life, and they knew that some in the organization were more than willing to carry out his murder. Months before the killing, FBI informants supplied verbatim accounts to FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover of death threats made against Malcolm at Black Muslim meetings. During a European jaunt, Malcolm was not allowed to leave the airport in London and Paris. Reportedly, British and French intelligence agencies feared there would be an assassination attempt against him in their countries.

After 50 Years Malcolm X Assassination Remains A Mystery

AFRICANGLOBE- The mystery surrounding Malcolm’s assassination has dogged scholars for decades and inspired endless conspiracy theories. Three Nation of Islam members were arrested and convicted of the shooting at the Audubon Ballroom on Fed. 21, 1965.