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The Shocking Situation Of Blacks In Libya Alarms Humanitarians

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Committee of the Red Cross expressed alarm on Thursday at the intensification of violence in Libya and the worsening situation of African migrants in Tripoli, where “residential areas are gradually becoming battlegrounds”.

Black Libyans Call For International Investigation Into Crimes Against Them

AFRICANGLOBE - Components of Libya's Tubu tribe in a statement demanded the release of their abducted sons immediately and unconditionally, calling on the Security Council and the international community to intervene urgently, to protect civilians and form an international commission, in order to investigate violations in the city of Murzuk, in accordance with international legislation and charters.

The Good Muslim Arabs Of Libya Are Enslaving Blacks And Selling...

AFRICANGLOBE - Slavery is thriving in Libya, where thousands of Africans hoping to get to Europe instead find themselves bought and sold, forced to work for nothing, and facing torture at the hands of their owners.

Pay The Arabs To Stop The Africans: EU Leaders Agree On...

AFRICANGLOBE - European Union leaders have agreed on a controversial plan to help stem the flow of African migrants from Libya this spring. At a summit in Malta, the bloc's leaders on Friday decided to give 200m euro ($215m) to Libya's unstable government to step up efforts to stop migrant boats in the country's territorial waters.

The Great Taboo: Arab Racism And Muslim Hate

AFRICANGLOBE - Arab racism toward Africans is commonplace, even if it remains a taboo subject. For the Nobel Prize winning novelist Wole Soyinka, the unwillingness to confront Arab racism is rooted in the role of Arabs in the slave trade. “Arabs and Islam are guilty of the cultural and spiritual savaging of the Continent,”

Black Libyans Just Want To Go Home

The Tawergha minority have long faced discrimination in Libya, but this has intensified in recent years and they were accused of siding with the Gaddafi regime during his overthrow in 2011. The ousted dictator used the town of Tawergha as a military base during his resistance, but in August 2011, Misrata militias entered the town and burnt it to the ground, causing 42,000 Tawerghans to flee.