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How Developed Continues Are Plundering Poorer Nations

AFRICANGLOBE - Since 1980, developing countries lost $16.3 trillion in their net resource transfers with the rest of the world, money that could have been used to reduce poverty and inequality and boost poor countries’ economies. The figure shows how poor countries have acted as the world’s creditors, with tax havens providing an avenue for the system that supports the world’s rich at the expense of everyone else.

Is Kenya Being Shaped Into Africa’s Flagship Tax Haven?

AFRICANGLOBE - There is now mounting evidence that elite financial interests are planning to create a new tax haven - to add another node to the global spider web. This time it is on the African continent, which already gives far more to than it receives from the world economy.

Emerging Trend Towards Establishing Offshore Tax Havens in Africa

There is an emerging trend in Africa towards establishing our own offshore centres. One argument we hear is that it would modernise the African financial sector, and streamline the red tape in many countries