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Allen West; The Most Dangerous Man in America Loses Re-election Bid

Republican Rep. Allen West, the Army veteran who came to Congress two years ago in the conservative Tea Party wave, fell short Tuesday in...

Tea Party Republicans Attempting To Re-Fight the Civil War Says Jesse...

"The first Sunday in March, 1965, we marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama for the right to vote. That movement to...

Tea Party Groups In Tennessee Demand Textbooks Overlook Slavery

A little more than a year after the conservative-led state board of education in Texas approved massive changes to its school textbooks to put slavery in a more "positive light," another group of white supremacist Tea Party activists in Tennessee has renewed its push to whitewash school textbooks. The group is seeking to remove references to slavery and mentions of the country's founders being slave traders and owners.

Kenya Brands Tea to Increase Global Market Visibility

Kenya has moved to brand its tea to increase its visibility in the global market by launching a mark of origin. The Kenya Tea Mark of Origin is expected to help raise the levels of tea exported globally and address some key market concerns over the country's second biggest foreign exchange earner, according to Tea Board of Kenya managing director Sicily Kariuki.

Rwanda's Economic Stability is Commendable

The Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Statement, released, this week, has brought good news about Rwanda's economy. The report states that during the first half of the year 2011, the Rwandan economy has been progressing in an international environment

Herman Cain Says He is proof Tea Party is Not Racist

One African-American supporter featured in the video says she and the Tea Party are more interested in America's colors than skin color.

Expert Calls for Irrigation to Increase Tea Production in Tanzania

Production by some estates will be a little bit up because of increased care, and volumes from Usambara in the north will improve because of a replanting programme