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Impact Of Africa’s Tech Innovation Hubs: Too Early To call?

AFRICANGLOBE - Innovation and technology hubs have been springing up across the continent in recent years. From Hive Colab in Uganda, to iHub in Kenya and to kLab in Rwanda, these ICT hubs were founded in an effort to catalyse tech and innovation by establishing a common space for knowledge transfer and resource sharing for Africa’s aspiring and tech savvy entrepreneurs.

Ethiopia’s Technology Hopefuls

AFRICANGLOBE - When it comes to technology and innovation, Ethiopia appears a long way away from the rest of Africa's rising "silicon savannahs." The most advanced form of banking in Africa's second most populous country is an ATM - there are no credit cards and no international banking systems.

Mali Set for Dedicated Science Fund

The Malian government has launched a fund for research, technology and innovation, to enable researchers to help meet the country's development needs.