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Black Entrepreneur Beats Apple And Samsung At Launching America’s First 5G...

AFRICANGLOBE - Inventor Freddie Figgers is proving why as he is slated to become the first African American techpreneur to revolutionize the smartphone industry! He has already released and developed several innovative smart phones, but his newest phone, the Figgers F3: The first 5G smartphone in America, features an all new state of the art sleek design.

Ethiopia To Build Country’s Largest Data Center Ever

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia set to built the country's biggest data center next year, as part of plans to expand telecom services across the nation, officials from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology said.

Value Addition Key In Africa’s Growth Story

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa must invest in technology transfer models to strengthen value addition of its products to move away from selling raw materials, experts have said at the ongoing AU summit in Kigali. Despite talk of Africa’s critical need to strengthen its industrialization to create jobs and move millions out of poverty, the bloc has continued to export raw materials something that has left many African economies behind, although many are endowed with natural resources.

Zimbabwean Chemical Engineering Student Turns Plastic Into Diesel

AFRICANGLOBE - The innovative student engineer who stood out at the 57th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) has revealed that his innovation, if tried and tested, can be used to fuel millions of vehicles in Zimbabwe, and will also go a long way in ribbing the country of its plastic waste problem.

African Firms Revealed As Innovative But Unsupported

AFRICANGLOBE - African Firms are highly innovative but policymakers' failure to recognise this fact is undermining the private sector's development impact, a research project is starting to reveal.

Kenya, A Crucible Of Technology And Business

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya is a frontrunner in technology and communications, but it must not slacken pace: the next decade will throw up opportunities to succeed in the global arena. Kenya has made a name for itself in technology. Our M-PESA mobile-money transfer scheme, developed by Safaricom in 2007, is being copied world-wide.

Jamaica Sets Sights on Profitable Animation Industry

AFRICANGLOBE - Jamaica targeting the animation industry as a potential growth area, Julian Robinson, state minister in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, has said.

Africa Could Enter the Space Race In 2013

AFRICANGLOBE - There is something that is just so sentimental and spiritual about the stars and the heavenly bodies. Next year could usher in a great era of space technology in Africa. South Africa, alongside Australia and New Zealand, won the bid to host the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project.

Oppenheimer Family Investing In South African Tech Start-Ups

AFRICANGLOBE - E. Oppenheimer & Son has become an investor in South African venture capital company 4Di Capital, in a move that sees the...

Gambian Students Develop Remote Electric Control Technology

Two Gambian students in Accra polytechnic in Ghana are said to have made a breakthrough in new technology system that enables one to use...

Ghana Opens Space Research Centre

Ghana is set to embrace space science, with the inauguration of the country's first space science and technology institution. The Ghana Space Science and Technology...

South Africa Launches Metals Atomisation Project

South Africa's Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu has launched state mineral research company Mintek's new R44-million water atomising plant. The demonstration plant, situated at Mintek's...

Beyond Consumerism: Empowering the Next Generation of Innovative Africans

Africans are often regarded as big consumers and small producers, even though the continent is rich with natural and human resources. Our capacity to...

Africa Leads 4G Revolution

A new technology, 4G, is being introduced in Africa, even before it reaches Europe. 4G allows subscribers to surf the net with their cell phone...

IBM Taps Into South Africa’s Tech Entrepreneurs

For the first time, global technology giant IBM will hold its Global Entrepreneur Programme in tech-budding South Africa, according to a statement by the...

China and Africa Review Plans and Deepen Cooperation

Chinese and African ministers meet in Beijing this week to review cooperation and prepare a new development plan for the next three years. Under the...