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Denel, Africa’s Largest Weapons Manufacturer Signs Massive Contract

South Africa's Denel has signed a 340 million euro (R3.5 billion) contract with Malaysia to supply a range of turret and integrated weapon systems...

We Can Feed 10 Billion, But Will We?

Concerns about food - what we now call food security - are as old as mankind. Thomas Malthus' eloquentEssay on Population, published in 1798, crystallised...

Black Girls, ‘It is Possible to Dream Big’

Growing up in her native Kenya, Juliana Rotich was the lonely, young “geek” with oversized glasses at school. Today she is a highly successful...

NigComSat Goes Commercial As Nigeria Take Over Command and Control

Nigeria formally took delivery of its communication satellite and in-orbit delivery of Nigeria Communication Satellite (NigComSat-1R) yesterday with President Goodluck Jonathan, urging Ministries, Departments...

Israel Mulls Expanded Presence in Africa

Israel has expressed plans to strengthen relations in the East African region and the rest of Africa by using Kenya as a hub. While launching...

Nokia to Set Up Global Research Hub in Nairobi, Kenya

Nokia plans to make Nairobi its global hub for research and investment for the India, Middle East and Africa region. The move is a big...

Undersea 100 G-Tech Undersea Fiber-Optic Cable To Link Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - New Atlantic Ocean undersea fiber-optic cable to connect Africa, South America, North America and Europe, has been launched. Wasace Cable Company Worldwide will build and operate the new undersea cable, which was said to be the first trans-Atlantic system to deploy the next generation 100 G technology - ten times the capacity of previous systems.

Africa Is Emerging As the Place to Invest

Sub-Saharan Africa -- "Africa," for short -- is about to emerge. Some of the reasons for optimism are fairly obvious. But most are not. This article is about what has happened so far, and why. Its sequel in two weeks will discuss the drivers that will take the continent to the next level.

Wikileaks: Govt of Sudan Seeking North Korean Missiles

The Sudanese government has been secretly conducting negotiations with North Korea for the purchase of medium-range ballistic missiles, short-range missiles, and anti-tank missiles, according to a leaked US diplomatic note.

Ghana and South Africa to Bolster Economic Ties

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma is to host the President of Ghana John Atta Mills, who will undertake a two day State Visit to South Africa from Tuesday.

South African Company Deploys the Worlds Fastest Fiber-Optic Network

Undersea cable company Seacom and US-based digital optical networking equipment supplier Infinera have achieved a global first by successfully trialling a 500 Gigabits per second transmission over Seacom's newly built network between KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

African Continent Releases First Survey of Its Own Science

The survey is very significant to the socio-economic transformation of Africa. It is a significant step in our quest to develop