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Chinese Companies Get Ethiopian Telecoms Contract

Ethiopia plans to give a $ 1.3 billion contract to upgrade its telecommunications infrastructure to two Chinese giants ZTE and Huawei Technologies after they...

African American Entrepreneur In Talks to Acquire Detroit Telecom

VoxPlus, a highly capable, Detroit-based telecom firm, is being targeted for acquisition by African American entrepreneur Joseph Durham and a group of private investors....

West Africa: Bandwidth Cost to Drop As Undersea Cable Goes Live

The cost of internet and data services is set drop drastically as the West Africa Cable System, a $650 million undersea cable goes live...

West African Cable to Boost Namibia's Telecoms

Telecom Namibia's chief executive officer Frans Ndoroma says the 5th ICT summit which opened in the capital yesterday has an important role to play in identifying best practices for a robust ICT sector in Namibia and other SADC countries that will benefit from the West Africa Cable System that landed on the Namibian coast earlier this year.

Ethiopian Telecom Seeking New Vendor Financiers for Expansion

Ethio Telecom, Ethiopia's sole telecommunications provider, is seeking a new round of financing as it ramps up expansion plans geared towards meeting the telecommunication sector development goals set out in the GTP.

MTN Ghana to Unveil West Africa Cable System Cable Friday

Telecom operators and other stakeholders in the region are hopeful that the new cable would spur Internet and broadband capabilities as well as push information technology to new heights.