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Race Terrorist Dylann Roof Attacked And Beaten In Jail

AFRICANGLOBE - Dylann Roof, the racially motivated terrorist who massacred nine African American parishioners last year at Charleston's Emanuel AME Church, was attacked and beaten Thursday by a Black man in a South Carolina jail, authorities said.

Ex-Cop Urges ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks Against Black Activists

AFRICANGLOBE - Former police officer and ardent Donald Trump supporter has put out a "clarion call" for "lone wolf patriots" to join him at the GOP convention in Cleveland this summer to confront Black Lives Matter demonstrators. "I am encouraging patriots and Trump supporters and those that support liberty and freedom to come lawfully armed with lethal and non-lethal weaponry," Stachowiak said.

95 Years Ago White Rioters Carried Out This Vile Terrorist Attack...

AFRICANGLOBE - The massacre came on the heels of the alleged assault of a white elevator operator by a Black man. The local white newspapers at the time flamed tensions, supposedly even calling for a “lynching,” but historical documents and research show that there was very likely no attack at all. However, the supposed assault was quickly used as an excuse to destroy the prosperous Greenwood neighborhood and all the Black citizens living there.

The U.S. Military’s African “Footprint”

AFRICANGLOBE - Journalist Nick Turse’s recently released book “Tomorrow's Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa” aims to at the least make more of the people paying for this military intervention aware of AFRICOM and its mission. What becomes clear as one reads this text is that the US military in Africa is essentially on a war footing and is expanding rapidly.

Algeria Committing ‘State Terrorism’ And Atrocities In Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - What began ostensibly in January 2012 as just another invasion by the Sahara desert's Tuareg tribesmen has evolved into what media commentators are calling 'Africa's Afghanistan'. The Tuareg inhabit the Central Sahara and Sahel. Their population is estimated at 2-3 millions. Their largest numbers, some 800,000, live in Mali, followed by Niger, with smaller concentrations in Algeria, Burkina Faso and Libya. In addition, a diaspora extends to Europe, North America, other parts of North and West Africa, the Sahel and beyond.

Mali: UN Takes Up Intervention Plan On Mali

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday began to debate a plan to deploy West African peacekeeping troops to tackle the six-month Arab insurgency...

Africom Steps Up ‘Sustained Engagement’ Within Africa

A stepped-up role for the American military, which has been the subject of widespread discussion and debate since the establishment of the U.S. Africa...

Kenya Will Not Be Cowed By Terrorists – Kibaki

Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki on Friday said Kenya will not be cowed by terrorist threats which have lately interfered with the country's security. Speaking during...

Nigerian Presiden Urge World Leaders to Unite Against Terrorism

Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday urged world leaders to unite in the global war against terrorism, so as to ensure a peaceful world in the future.

CIA, MOSSAD to Probe Nigeria's Security Agencies

Nigeiran President Goodluck Jonathan may have set up a probe committee primarily of Israeli and the United States of America (USA)-recommended intelligence officers to examine the entire Nigerian security apparatus.

Secret: What The Former US Ambassador To Kenya Told His Successor

Kenya is one of the few countries in Africa that gladly, in fact with embarrassing ease, allow america's military and intelligence officers unlimited access to all its facilities.

Whose Dictator Is Gaddafi?

AFRICANGLOBE - To put the West’s case bluntly and simply, it has apparently intervened in Libya to ‘protect the people’ from the ‘dictator’ Gaddafi. This begs the question: whose dictator is Gaddafi?