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5 Examples Of The US Govt Treating BlackLivesMatter Movement Like A...

AFRICANGLOBE - Once again, tactics and legal allowances created in the name of “stopping terrorism” are being used, without any oversight or public debate, on entirely peaceful domestic activism. Official recognition that the NYPD and its FBI Joint Terror Task Force were using their counter terror units on #BlackLivesMatter didn’t really come until a casual admission by the NYPD in the New York Post the day before the announcement of the Eric Garner verdict in December of last year:

‘Convert to Islam or Die’

AFRICANGLOBE - In the gloom of a hilltop cave in Nigeria where she was held captive, Hajja had a knife pressed to her throat by a man who gave her a choice - convert to Islam or die. Two gunmen from Boko Haram had seized the African teenager in July as she picked corn near her village in the Gwoza hills, a remote part of northeastern Nigeria where a six-month-old government offensive is struggling to contain an insurgency by the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group.