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Texas Prisons Spend Money Cooling Pigs, While Inmates Are Dying From...

AFRICANGLOBE - If you ever hear stories that make you believe that prison inmates are being treated the same as animals, those stories are wrong. Actually, it appears that animals get much better treatment than inmates, at least in some facilities in Texas.

Women Internally Probed On Public Road By Texas Troopers (Video)

AFRICANGLOBE - What amazes me about this story, is not only is this an illegal, sexually-violating police search, but it happened on a public road, for anyone driving by to see. These two women were pulled over, for allegedly throwing a cigarette out of the car window. They were given full body internal searches.

Texas to Execute Former Black Panther Kimberly McCarthy

AFRICANGLOBE - Kimberly McCarthy, convicted of killing a 71-year-old neighbor during a 1997 robbery, is among eight inmates scheduled for execution over the next four months. She would be the first woman put to death in the U.S. in three years and the 13th since the Supreme Court allowed capital punishment to resume.

Duane Buck, Death Row, and the ‘Dangerousness’ of Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1997, Duane Buck was convicted of shooting and killing two people, including his former girlfriend, in Houston, Texas. A jury sentenced him to death. Among the factors that influenced their decision: testimony from a psychologist who said that Black people like Buck are more violent and dangerous than other people.

Juanita Bynum Arrested and Jailed in Texas

AFRICANGLOBE - Juanita Bynum is cooling her heels in a Dallas County jail today after being picked up on a “capias warrant” on Thursday, April 18. According to online records. Bynum, 54, was booked into the Dallas (Texas) County jail last night on civil charges of

Deaths of Texas Prosecutors May Be Work of White Supremacists, Congressman...

AFRICANGLOBE - The shocking murders of two prosecutors in Texas could be the work of the Aryan Brotherhood White supremacist group, according to U.S. Rep. Ted Poe of Texas.

SERIOUSLY: Will Texas Execute a Man for Being Black?

AFRICANGLOBE - Duane Buck is guilty of murder. Of that, there is no question. The problem with Buck’s case is this: During the penalty phase of the trial, prosecutors benefitted from the testimony of controversial psychologist Walter Quijano. who stated that the fact that Buck was Black increased the possibility of him committing more crimes in the future therefore the death penalty is appropriate.

Texas Woman’s Execution 1st in U.S. Since 2010

AFRICANGLOBE - Kimberly McCarthy's execution, set for Tuesday evening, would be the first since a Virginia inmate, Teresa Lewis, became the 12th woman put to death since the U.S. Supreme Court in 1976 allowed capital punishment to resume

Vince Young: Once a Sports Superstar, Now Broke

When Vince Young was drafted No. 3 by the Tennessee Titans a half-dozen years ago, he signed a guranteed contract worth $26 million. Today,...

Court Rejects New Texas Voter ID Law

A tough Texas law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls discriminates against low-income Blacks and Hispanics, a federal court ruled Thursday,...

Texas Judge Warns of Possible ‘Civil War’ if President Obama is...

What is it about election years? As if the negative political ads aren't enough, now a Texas judge in Lubbock county is predicting predicting a...

Sherman Hemsley Star of ‘The Jeffersons’ Dies at Age 74

Sherman Hemsley, known for his starring role on "The Jeffersons," has died at age 74. Although the cause of Hemsley's death is unclear, reports ARE that the...

Texas Debuts New Drug for Killing Black People

The state of Texas executed death row prisoner Yokamon Laneal Hearn on Wednesday, utilizing a new one-drug lethal injection protocol. Hearn, 33, was pronounced...

Texas to Challenge 1965 Voting Rights Act in Court

The Voting Rights Act - a cherished safeguard for minority voters since 1965 - has been under siege for two years and this week faces one of its...

Texas GOP: Repeal The Voting Rights Act

The Texas Republican Party has released its official platform for 2012, and the repeal of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 is one...