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Africa: Thabo Mbeki Named ‘African of the Year’

AFRICANGLOBE - Former South African president Thabo Mbeki has been named "African of the Year" for his "persistent and consistent" efforts to avert war...

Thabo Mbeki to Visit Khartoum Ahead of ‘Final’ Talks Between Both...

Thabo Mbeki, head of the Africa Union (AU) panel mediating talks between Sudan and South Sudan, is expected to arrive in the former's capital...

Thabo Mbeki Working On Draft Agreements on Abyei, Border Conflicts

While talks between South Sudan - South are in recess for the rest of the month, Thabo Mbeki, head of the African Union High...

Africa’s Youth Should Rebel Says Former South African President Thabo Mbeki

The youth of the African continent should prepare themselves for a rebellion against their older generation and claim their leadership role Thabo Mbeki said...

African Agenda Stalled Says Frank Chikane

Former director-general in South Africa's Presidency Frank Chikane believes that the African agenda once spearheaded by former President Thabo Mbeki is losing momentum and...

South Africa’s Arms Deal Probe – Is Thabo Mbeki the Target?

President Jacob Zuma's surprise announcement of a probe into an arms deal that took place during the Presidency of Thabo Mbeki could provide proof that Mbeki is indeed on the political comeback trail - and presents a real and present danger to Zuma's fate post-2012.