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The Latest Effort To Obliterate Black People From San Francisco

AFRICANGLOBE- When it comes to the African American community, the people running San Francisco have been very insensitive and shown no sense of urgency about correcting the social, educational, and economic ills of African Americans.

Are Things Falling Apart In The African American Community?

AFRICANGLOBE - There is a critical need for African Americans to take charge of their communities to speak out against the injustices of issues that threaten the destruction of African American communities. The growing community violence and cultural disintegration on the community level must be stopped before the very life blood drains from the communities that are still an important part of this nation.

Shock: Black Babies Comprise 78% of Abortions in Mississippi

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend an extremely moving educational forum on the general topic of abortion in the African American community. Hosted...