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Ethiopia Rejects Egypt Proposal On Nile As Dam Talks Falter

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia rejected a proposal that would guarantee Egypt the rights to most of the Nile River’s water, as disagreements cast doubt over future talks about Africa’s biggest hydropower project. The 6,000-megawatt Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Ethiopia’s Blue Nile River, set to be completed in 2017, has raised concern in Cairo that it will reduce the flow of the Nile, which provides almost all of Egypt’s water. The Blue Nile is the main tributary of the Nile.

Ethiopia Captures the Blue Nile

AFRICANGLOBE - In addition to Egypt’s latest political turmoil, its government is extremely worried about Ethiopia’s newest dam on the headwaters of the Blue Nile. The Blue Nile is the leading source of water for the north-flowing Nile. Fears in Egypt and the Sudan are that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will radically reduce the Nile’s flow.

Egypt: Threats Over Nile Waters Backfire As Promise of War Not...

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's threats towards Ethiopia and its Grand Renaissance dam project on the Blue Nile seem to be backfiring on all sides. On 3rd June, Morsi, beset by growing internal problems, had a clever idea. His government would drum up an external threat, and call for internal unity.

Sudan and Egypt Convenes War Council as Ethiopia Diverts Blue Nile

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudan’s Minister of Water Resources and Electricity arrived in Cairo on Wednesday for a one-day visit to discuss Ethiopia’s plans to erect a dam on the Blue Nile. Egyptians fear that the dam will affect how water from the river is distributed.

Alarm in Egypt as Ethiopia Begins Diverting the Blue Nile

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia will begin on Tuesday the process of diverting the course of the Blue Nile River to continue the construction process of its Renaissance Dam, raising concerns over Egypt's water supply.

Ethiopia’s Nile Dam – A Mega-Dam With Potentially Mega-Consequences – An...

AFRICANGLOBE - Without greater oversight, Ethiopia's secretive new Nile dam could have disastrous environmental, social and political impacts. While Egypt was undergoing dramatic political changes...

Nile Dam Project a Hydropower Hope, But Regional Envy

Ethiopia has begun construction of a 6,000 megawatt (MW) hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile river, a move that has been greeted enthusiastically by...

Nile Dam: Water Wars Averted for Now

When Ethiopia’s plan to dam the Blue Nile grew grander within a month of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, it did not go...