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Malta Refuses EU Demand To Accept Rescued African Migrants

AFRICANGLOBE - The Maltese government has refused to allow a tanker which rescued 102 African migrants to dock in Malta. Among those aboard the tanker are an injured woman, four pregnant women and a five-month-old baby. "Call us harsh, call us heartless, but we are not pushovers," the Maltese prime minister said.

Dominican Republic Continues Racist Treatment of Haitians

After the government of the Dominican Republic moved just weeks after the devastating Haiti earthquake to strip Dominican citizenship from all Dominicans who were born to Haitian parents,...

AU Wants to Double Intra-African Trade

The African Union Commission wants to see intra-African trade double, from its current level of 10-12 per cent of the entire continent's trade, to 20-25 per cent within the next decade. A document from the Commission, provided as background to this weekend's heads of state summit, at which boosting intra-African trade is the main agenda item, points out that greater trade between African countries "will develop larger markets, and foster greater competition which in turn will lead to poverty reduction, growth and poverty reduction".