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Next On Egypt’s To-Do: Ethiopia And The Nile

AFRICANGLOBE - Some analysts have become so excited by the dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Nile that they predict the world will finally see its first proper, large-scale water war. Other analysts caution that co-operation, not conflict, is the only thing that can work for both countries. According to emails from the US-based intelligence analysis firm Stratfor, which were obtained by Wikileaks, Mubarak had plans to launch airstrikes from Sudan on any dam Ethiopia might build.

Ethiopia – Egypt : Is a War Over the Nile Still...

Until the recent positive signs of cooperation between some of the Nile riparian states, disputes between the downstream and upper riparian states over rights...

Egypt's New Democrats Ready to Defend Nile by Any Means

Egypt a country that supplies absolutely no water to the nile river is confronting at least half a dozen other African countries that have for generations delivered their waters to the Nile. What Arab Egyptians like to call Egypt’s birthright has now become a privilege they must negotiate with their upstream neighbors. It is a major issue in Egypt’s upcoming elections.