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Why Isn’t The Tea Party Sending A Militia To Ferguson?

AFRICANGLOBE - On August 12, Obama released a statement on Ferguson that reads like a first draft of a generic and overly long "Get Well Soon" card. This is particularly saddening when one considers that the day before, he released a witty and heartfelt ode to comedian Robin Williams. It took him mere hours to respond to the death of an entertainer, but days to respond to a very serious civil rights crisis.

Charlie Rangel Is Right: The Tea Party Is Full Of ‘White...

To borrow from Rachel Jeantel, a political organization that lures and attracts White racists cannot help but be full of “creepy ass crackas”. Representative Charlie Rangel simply stated a plain on the face truth about the Tea Party that is supported by a critical mass of evidence—anecdotal, systematic, and empirical.