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Chad And France Making Things Worse In Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - Central African Republic was a French colony until 1960. France sent 1,600 troops to the country in December, when the violence first escalated. As of February, the number has risen to 2,000. When France first sent troops, the Associated Press noted that the "image of France as the gendarme of Africa is hard to erase.

Hundreds Of Africans Still Trapped In Camps Two Years After Libya...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two years after fleeing the civil war in Libya, hundreds of African refugees, most of them ex-migrant workers in Libya, are still holed up in a camp on the Tunisian side of the border. Choucha camp, 5km inside Tunisia, is run by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and at one time had nearly 20,000 residents, around half of them were west Africans who had been working in Libya when the war started and fled to Tunisia on the way home.

UNHCR Deeply Concerned By Deteriorating Situation in Mali

The UN refugee agency said Tuesday it is "deeply concerned" by the deteriorating political and security situation in Mali, where thousands of people are...