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Obama Announces Restrictions On Distribution Of Military Weapons To Police

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama is banning local police departments from receiving a range of military-style equipment from the federal government -- from grenade launchers to bayonets to certain armored vehicles -- as he implements the recommendations of a panel that examined the controversial gear giveaways in the wake of the paramilitary crackdown on Ferguson.

Black Voters Lack Clout In Obama White House

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2008 and 2012, more than 90 percent of Africans in America voted for Obama, and they have continually provided high support for Obama, despite the stalled economy. That steady support has left them with little or no apparent political leverage on economic issues in the White House.

Black American From Gang Besieged Baltimore: ‘Where Can I Get Asylum?’

AFRICANGLOBE - As the White House plans to spend billions of taxpayer funds to take care of illegal immigrant children who are unlawfully entering the country, some Black Americans who live in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods are wondering where they and their children can get refugee status and aid.

‘Apartheid Avenue’ Two Blocks From The White House

AFRICANGLOBE - A segment of 18th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and G Street has been christened “Apartheid Avenue.” To the left of the Street stands the World Bank’s “J” building where Blacks are segregated. To its right sits the bank’s flagship building where Black professionals face glass doors.

The Reason Why Obama Invited Uhuru Kenyatta To USA

AFRICANGLOBE - The White House yesterday said President Obama would invite Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta to Washington for a summit in August. Uhuru is still technically an ICC indictee although there is widespread speculation that his delayed trial at the Hague is about to collapse.

Obama Rejects Federal Aid for Detroit

AFRICANGLOBE - The Obama administration has rejected any federal rescue package for Detroit. The White House, which handed trillions of dollars to the banks and auto corporations, has made it clear it will do nothing to protect the pensions, jobs and social services of Detroit’s workers, which are targeted for massive cuts in the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history.

White House Deluged With Secession Petitions

How would Old Glory look with 30 stars instead of 50? As far-fetched as it may sound, the White House might soon be forced by...

Mitt Romney’s Election Strategy: Vote Out The Black Guy

Mitt Romney is running perhaps the worst presidential election campaign in recent U.S. history. Romney has no principles. He has no program or agenda for...

Gabby Douglas: President Obama Tells Her ‘Keep at it, Stay Cool’

The White House said Wednesday that President Barack Obama talked on the phone with the gold-medal winning U.S. gymnastics team. Obama spoke to Gabby...

E-Mails Reveal White House Collaboration On Shirley Sherrod Firing

White House officials were in close contact with the Agriculture Department in the hours leading up to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s decision to fire...

Gary Ackerman Urges President Obama To Recognize Slaves Who Built White...

The U.S. Congress two years ago acknowledged the work of enslaved Africans in building the United States Capitol, and a lawmaker Thursday argued that...