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Cops ‘Acted Reasonably’ When They Executed A Sleeping Willie McCoy Says...

AFRICANGLOBE - Willie McCoy was an aspiring 20-year-old rapper whose life was brought to a tragic end in February when six police officers decided to publicly execute him as he slept in his car in the parking lot of a Taco Bell. Now, after nearly six months, and body camera footage showing this execution, the city has ruled the officers “acted reasonably” when they pumped 55 rounds into McCoy in 3.5 seconds.

24 Officers Injured In Memphis Unrest After U.S. Marshals Kill Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - News that a U.S. Marshals Service officer had fatally shot a young Black man in Memphis triggered chaotic protests late Wednesday that allegedly caused widespread property damage and left at least two dozen police officers injured by thrown concrete rocks.

12 1/2 Years In Prison For Black Cop Who Shot White...

AFRICANGLOBE - White police officers who fatally shoot African Americans usually get away with it without any charges. But Mohamed Noor, a former Minneapolis police officer who is Black, has been sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison for shooting J Justine Damond, a white woman, back in July 2017.