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12-Year-Old Rapper Charged With Felony For Selling His CDs At A...

AFRICANGLOBE - Rapper Corey Jackson, better known as Lil C-Note, appeared in court on February 12 to face felony charges after being arrested for selling CDs at Atlanta’s Cumberland Mall. Atlanta’s CBS46 spoke to Jackson and his lawyer Mawuli Davis, who said the charges include obstruction of an officer, disorderly conduct with violence, and criminal trespassing.

Watch These Cops Torture Handcuffed Man For No Reason

AFRICANGLOBE - When 24-year-old Terrell Wilson was arrested on April 13, 2016, he never thought an accusation of swiping someone’s cellphone at a night club would end up with him being held down by a half dozen officers—and savagely tortured—while in handcuffs. But that is exactly what happened.

State Trooper Hold Gun To Man’s Head Over Alleged Speeding Ticket

AFRICANGLOBE - A disturbing video was brought to our attention this week showing a Delaware State Trooper point his gun at the head of a man over a stop for an alleged speeding ticket. Luckily for the victim, Mack Buckley, he was not shot and decided to film this interaction, catching his assault with a deadly weapon on video.

Thug Cop Caught On Video Punching A Woman In The Face

AFRICANGLOBE - An Arizona police officer has been given paid vacation after shocking video footage of him violently punching a woman in the face emerged online. The graphic video shows two police officers attempting to arrest the woman outside a house in the city of Flagstaff. The woman repeatedly asks why she is being arrested and if there is a warrant out against her.

Thug Cops Who Assaulted Pregnant Teen, Claim They Were Fired For...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two officers with the Memphis city school district were fired after they were caught on video assaulting a pregnant teen. The officers have since filed a lawsuit, claiming the reason they were fired was because they are white. The abusive duo claims that Black officers receive counseling after the first time they beat up students, rather than get fired. However, they claim they were not afforded the same due process after beating up the pregnant girl.

Cop Killed Paul O’Neal Because He Mistook Fellow Cop’s Gunfire As...

AFRICANGLOBE - Chicago Police officers are now the subject of intensive criticism over the shooting death of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal, after the release of a series of body and dash cam videos showing a number of procedural errors — and a startling lack of coordination — including firing at a fleeing vehicle and an astounding admission by the cop who fired the fatal shot that he did not know if O’Neal was even armed.

Drunk District Attorney Nearly Kills Multiple Motorists – Cops Change Her...

AFRICANGLOBE - Instead of arresting the woman, who was caught on video coming dangerously close to multiple head-on collisions, and completely unable to stay in her lane, cops changed her tire and sent her on her way. The incident began when a motorist behind Grant County District Attorney Francesca Estevez witnessed her swerving all over the road. The motorist took out his phone and began recording as Estevez veered in and out of her lane coming perilously close to several head-on collisions with innocent drivers.

Video: Thug Cop Engaging In Lewd Act In Patrol Car —...

AFRICANGLOBE - The in-car video of a Pasadena police officer was released publicly this week showing him ignoring calls and opting to have sex on duty instead. In spite of being grossly derelict in his duties, getting paid with taxpayer money to have sex, and refusing to do his job — officer Jeff Mubarak was never fired.

No Charges For White Cops Who Executed Man In Wheelchair On...

AFRICANGLOBE - A community is “angry” over an attorney general’s decision refusing to prosecute the officers involved in the execution of a man in a wheelchair last year. The victim, 28-year-old Jeremy McDole was executed last September while sitting in his wheelchair on the city’s west side.

Another Black Woman Raped By A White Thug Cop

AFRICANGLOBE - #Policeofficersstoprapingblackwomen needs to become a targeted mission set to educate the public about an ongoing and growing issue facing Black women, to report new cases, and to prevent further activity. The newest sexual police assault of a Black woman making headlines is that of Maleatra Montanez, 40, who called police when her daughter went missing. Unfortunately, when officer Chester Thompson, 47, arrived at Montanez’s Syracuse home, things went horribly wrong.

Video Shows California Thug Cops Savagely Assaulting Teen

AFRICANGLOBE - Video shows nine California police officers assaulting a Black teenager and slamming him on the concrete while allegedly arresting him for jaywalking.