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Timbuktu: From Fabled African City to Arab Militant Stronghold

When turban-swathed Tuareg rebels swept into Timbuktu to plant their flag in newly conquered northern Mali, they found very few tourists in the bars,...

UNHCR Deeply Concerned By Deteriorating Situation in Mali

The UN refugee agency said Tuesday it is "deeply concerned" by the deteriorating political and security situation in Mali, where thousands of people are...

Urgent Action Needed to Protect Civilians in Mali

The Arab Islamist armed groups who have taken control of Mali's northern cities of Kidal, Gao and Timbuktu must protect the civilian population in...

Mauritania Denies Helping Arab Rebels in Mali

Mauritania dispatched its top diplomat to neighbouring Mali to counter media reports that it was backing Arab rebels fighting for independence in the desert...