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Examining Tourism, Trade Shows

Trade shows have long been seen as an important marketing tool for a large number of industries that need to exhibit their products to a specific audience. Since almost the beginning of time, business people have known that trade shows offer merchants the opportunity to market their goods before huge crowds in a relatively short period of time.

Time for African Economies to Grow, Says Obama

UNITED States of America President Barack Obama has said the time is ripe for African economies to grow by taking advantage of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).?President Obama also said with the extension of AGOA to 2025, he was optimistic that many of the African economies would grow stronger.

The New Scramble for Africa: Asian Invasion Disturbing

Unlike a century ago, there aren't armed marauders roaming the continent to drive Africans out of arable land - AT LEAST NOT YET. Instead, the Asians are using a more peaceful tactic, but one that's just as effective. Cash.

Government Brutality Continues for People of Jebel Marra, Darfur

For many people in Darfur, they are in a much worse situation today than at the height of crisis in 2004. Today, however there is no hue and cry. Today, few seem to care.

11 Yr Old Starts Hair Care Line, Now its Paying Off...

Last year, the company had revenues of more than $100,000. The Long Island entrepreneur expects that number to increase to more than $300,000 by year-end.

G8 Disappoints Sub-Saharan Africa

  This year's G8 summit in Deauville wasn't just about the eight most industrialised countries which make up the group. For the first time, the...

Split Erupts Within Fijian Military Regime

Bainimarama and ethnic Indian seized power in December 2006, ousting a civilian government that was democratically elected and consisted of mostly native black fijians.

Air Service Between Jamaica and Nigeria is Now a Reality

THE long-awaited air travel between Jamaica and Africa is now a reality. According to a press release from the Nigerian High Commission, the governments of both countries have recently signed a bilateral agreement to facilitate direct air service from Jamaica to Nigeria