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From Slavery To Trump: White Women Have Always Been On #TeamWhiteSupremacy

AFRICANGLOBE - When 52 percent of white women who voted helped Donald Trump win the presidency in 2016, pundit jaws hit the floor. Despite months of polls, few predicted that a majority of white women would shun Hillary Clinton in favor of a racist and misogynist who bragged about his non-consensual grabbing of women’s vaginas and faced multiple accusations of sexual assault and misconduct.

Barack Obama Is Back On The Scene To Discuss “Toxic Masculinity”

AFRICANGLOBE - Barack Obama, the man who single-handedly destroyed the government of Libya and forced thousands of Africans into slavery has spoken about the dangers of so-called "toxic masculinity" and what it really means to “be a man”. The former President attended a conference in Oakland for his My Brother’s Keeper initiative alongside NBA star Steph Curry.