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Leaving Neverland Director Admits Michael Jackson’s Accusers Were LYING!

AFRICANGLOBE - Filmmaker Reed was forced into an embarrassing U-turn after Michael Jackson's biographer Mike Smallcombe revealed the train station at the singer’s ranch was not built until 1994. In the documentary, accuser James Safechuck claims he was abused from 1988 until 1992 and was molested in a room within the Neverland station.

Did This Actress Really Accused Oprah Of ‘Pimping’ Her Out To...

AFRICANGLOBE - A British woman has accused Oprah Winfrey of pimping her out to sexual predator Harvey Weinstein when she was a struggling actress in Hollywood. Following Oprah’s deeply hypocritical speech at the Golden Globes, a report about how actress Kadian Noble was raped by Weinstein after being coerced by Oprah to go back to his hotel room has gone mostly ignored by the white media.

9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About

AFRICANGLOBE - Every now-and-then white America needs a good old media lynching in order to take the spotlight off of their own bad behavior and shine it on some unfortunate Black soul, whether justified or not. The current sexual misconduct media crusade against mostly Black celebrities both living and dead then comes as no surprise. Since white America has always needed a Black hand to guide it, when it comes to applying justice and fairness in anything, we have decided to assist by highlighting these 9 celebrated and revered sexual predators in white society. Buckle up!

Oprah Knew Harvey Weinstein Was A Sexual Predator “For Decades”

AFRICANGLOBE - In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Seal accused Oprah Winfrey of knowing about Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior towards young women “for decades” and doing nothing about it.