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Zimbabwe, the Struggle Against Western Imperialism Continues

AFRICANGLOBE - US actions have always been against causes that advance the lot of the Black man in Africa. Sanctioning the ANC leadership, and cavorting with the apartheid regime no doubt delayed the advent of democracy in South Africa, the same way US sanctions-busting moves in Rhodesia served to delay the dawn of independence at a cost of over 50,000 innocent African lives.

South African Billionaire Tokyo Sexwale Dismissed As Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - South African diamond magnate, Tokyo Sexwale has been dismissed as his country’s Human Settlement Minister by President Jacob Zuma.

‘Deracialising South African Suburbs a Priority’

AFRICANGLOBE - The “deracialising” of South Africa's residential suburbs is a priority, said South Africa's Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale . It will take a “gigantic efforts, over a long period” to undo this legacy of white apartheid social engineering.

‘Forces of Change’ Eradicated From the ANC

AFRICANGLOBE - The so-called 'Forces of Change' which had resisted ANC president Jacob Zuma's re-election were voted out of the party's national executive committee on Thursday.

Tokyo Sexwale: Political Activist, Astute Entrepreneur

South African Minister of Human Settlements, Tokyo Sexwale, is well known for his political presence and his role in bringing down Apartheid alongside Nelson...

Anti-Zuma Sentiment On the Rise Across South Africa

“No ANC leader is going to lead the organisation for life. It’s five years only.” So said ANC Gauteng chairman and Minister of Arts and...